Liturgy Committee


Liturgy is the participation of the people of God in God’s work with and through His Church.  The liturgy is the action of the whole Church by which a spirit-filled community offers with Christ, praise and worship to the Father.    The task of the Liturgy Committee is to ensure our liturgies are dynamic meaningful celebrations.

If you are interested in liturgical preparation, please contact us. 


In the absence of a Priest the Church endorses a Lay Led Liturgy of the Word, usually with Communion.  The liturgy is conducted as approved by the Archdiocesan Liturgy experts in line with directives from Rome.

Six people have currently been commissioned to lead this type of liturgy.  Generally they work to a flexible roster.  At present they cover both weekdays in St Joseph’s when a Priest is not available, and as needed in the communities of St Peter the Fisherman, Burrum Heads and St Patrick’s at Howard.  Training and support are offered to anyone interested in this ministry.  All resources are provided.  You are invited to talk to the Parish Priest or to approach any of the people currently involved in this ministry.


The sacristans perform a valuable service to our worshipping community, by coordinating the hands-on work we need to celebrate our liturgy.  They prepare the physical things of the liturgy, keeping an eye on the liturgy’s environment.